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Тема: Master of Magic

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    Никто не знает есть ли какое-нибудь продолжение игры Master of Magic? (что-нибудь наподобии FreeColonization). Сколько не рылся в тырнете нашёл только это: http://www.masterofmagic2.com/petition (типа петиции чтоб реанимировали эту игру)
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    Мракоборец на консервации

    Аватар для White Hawk

    где я только не живу
    Вах! Сам хочу, а нету

    Петицию подписал!
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    The Settlers Online, Эвеланс, Соломон Окотопус, Гильдия "Верные сердца inGame [heart]". Дружим?
    Вокс, где брат твой - Виго?
    Гость вечно живой! (Гость жил! Гость жив! Гость вечно будет жить!)

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    Во, нашёл ещё ссыль: Master of Magic : Restoration of Power http://www.ruvo.boom.ru
    тока не понял в какой стадии проект находится
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    Король Аватар для Dr Gobbels

    Было ещё Age of wonders 1 и 2 - кое-какие изменения, но в целом похоже.
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    Деточка, все мы немножко лошади. Каждый из нас по-своему лошадь.

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    Насколько я знаю, FfH делался близко к МоМ'у. (не рискну предположить, что по нему, поскольку не сильно знаю суть вопроса)
    Если хотите посмотреть - http://www.civfanatics.ru/forum/index.php?...3290&st=600.
    В скитаниях по инету слышал также про какое то продолжение "Elemental: War of Magic".
    Щас находится в стадии беты.
    http://www.compulenta.ru/news/378914/ тут небольшая статейка от Компьютерры.
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    Орбис 2 - альтернативная история.

    "О юноша, в науках сущий,
    Читай словарь на сон грядущий!"(с)

    "Зажги костер для человека, и ты согреешь его на один день. Зажги костер из человека, и ты согреешь его на всю оставшуюся жизнь."
    Танеаф, Шиэймский поэт

    "АдЪ - особый Ад для плохих переводчиков."

    "Взрывчатку можно сделать из всего, даже из табуретки, но лучше сидеть на табуретке, чем за табуретку."

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    Продолжения нету, увы и ах. Есть только "неуверенно идущие по стопам" =)
    В своё время сам хотел замахнуться на МоМ, однако в итоге концепцию пришлось сильно переработать, чтобы игру можно было довести до релиза своими силами. Ибо если делать продолжение, то оно должно превосходить оригинал по большинству параметров. А при современных игродельных расценках разработка проекта типа МоМ2 потянет не на один миллион.
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    (Apologies for English)

    I couldn't resist replying to this as I'm a huuuuge Master of Magic fan.

    After decades of nothing official it's a good time for Master of Magic fans. Slitherine acquired the MoM license in 2019 and all sorts of stuff has happened since!

    A small hint was given that they're working on either a Master of Magic 2 sequel or full remake when they asked Seravy (creator of CoM) to ask the MoM community whether they'd prefer squares or hexes presumably in a new MoM game. To help I started putting together a giant MoM sequel/remake wishlist on the official Slitherine MoM forum gathering responses from communities all over the net (hope over there if you want your voice heard!)

    They then made a deal with Seravy to sell his Caster of Magic mod as an 'official DLC' for MoM on Steam and GoG which was pretty cool.

    Then Implode returned from his self imposed exile and started working on his old Master of Magic HD Multiplayer rebuild project again which until recently had got far further than any other fan rebuild! He'd stopped due to hitting walls with creating the AI however he returned reinvigorated and create a functioning AI that is actually quite good now at expanding and trying to kill you. I need to make a new video about the project as my old one was back when Implode was AWOL and there was no global AI (just a combat one) however if you skip to the gameplay stuff you can see how it looks in HD (don't recommend you view on a phone or something else with a tiny screen lol). As well as modern resolutions and multiplayer his engine also supports big 14 Wizard slaughterfest games!

    And now Seravy has just released his Caster of Magic 2 project which is a full rebuild of the Master of Magic engine with CoM built in already. Slitherine have renamed it to Caster of Magic for Windows and made it a DLC again for MoM just to confuse the hell out everyone again lol. Free from the shackles of the original MoM engine Seravy has been able to do all sorts of new things. I tried to talk Seravy into supporting modern resolutions instead of just stretching 320x200 but failed sadly so Implode's fan game above is still the only one that does true HD stuff, however CoM2 has so many other benefits eg a gazillion bug fixes & balance changes, super smart AI opponents, more spells, more buildings, more advanced game modes & options, and best of all just like Implodes rebuild above there is no more 5 player limit! So umm 14 Wizards going at it in one game? Yes please!

    I know some people aren't huge fans of CoM's changes but maybe Slitherine will take Seravy's new engine source and do a 'MoM for Windows' one day too. Probably wishful thinking but you never know! If it never happens then hopefully Implode will finish his MoM rebuild in the coming years.

    Familiar but not quite the same

    14 Wizard carnage incoming

    Cool new options

    Looks the same but apparently the new combat AI is naaaasty
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    A little late to the party with this even bigger news but OMG lol.. After 25 years of nothing it really is an amazing time for us diehard Master of Magic fans! There I was a few weeks ago getting excited about Seravy’s new Caster of Magic 2 for Windows release and then something even more amazing got officially announced, as we finally have confirmation of the Slitherine mystery MoM project I’ve posted about here before! Slitherine are working with Thea series creators MuHa games on a Official Master of Magic Remake!!! MuHa are a small indie studio so sure enough it's nothing AAA however the new remake already looks and sounds pretty good! I can already see people complaining about the hexes and lack of multiplayer but neither of those bother me. You can find the announcement videos (they've remade the old intro!), some nice pictures, and game info on their new Steam and GoG pages!

    But I'll stick a few here too!


    Dev Interview:

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    MuHa appear to be doing monthly (or at least trying to do monthly lol) developer diaries for the official Master of Magic remake... looks pretty good although some of the Wizard redesigns are not as good plus everything seems a bit bland and lacking colour compared to the original.

    First dev diary

    Second dev diary

    Third dev diary

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    Haven't updated this thread in a while with all the latest official Master of Magic remake dev diaries and I thought I'd better post about their latest 9th dev diary as that has a application link for people to apply to be involved in beta testing! So if there's any lurking MoM fans here who want in on that, go apply now!

    Ninth Dev diary:

    For those who haven't seen all the previous dev diaries here they are...

    Eight dev diary

    Seventh dev diary

    Sixth dev diary

    Fifth dev diary

    Fourth dev diary

    Earlier dev diaries are in the thread posts above this one!

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