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Тема: The first Non-reload Grand Prix "Desert Storm"

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    The first Non-Reload Grand Prix "Desert Storm "
    Beyond the Sword 3.13

    The screenshot of start location (Click to enlarge)

    Objective: to destroy all the enemies on the map within the shortest possible time.

    You may not reload the game from a previous save file or an autosave file, BUT you may restart your game as many times as you like from the very beginning. Do your best to play the whole game within one session.

    Map type: Maze, manually edited
    Size: Standart
    Leader: Lincoln (Phil, Cha)
    Nation: American Empire (UU Navy Seal, UB Mall)
    Era: Middle Ages
    Difficulty: Deity
    Game Speed: Quick
    Enemies: 7, far from random

    Options Always War, No Random Events, No Technology Trading.
    Victory condition: Conquest only

    Additional information:
    -There is an airport in Washington;
    -Don’t leave your only city empty;
    -Act quickly;
    -Switch autopromotion off and switch quick battles on.

    Game starts on - 07 March 2008.
    Send your victory saves before 01 April 2008.

    Other Awards:
    "Bloody person " – for destroying the highest number of enemy units.
    "Rusty horseshoe " – for loosing a unit which had the highest chances for victory. To take part in this nomination, you should take a combat log screenshot and send the save file just after the unit had been lost. The initial chances for victory should be higher than 95%. (less than 5% chances for defeat) Resize battle log window to make visible both the initial chance of victory (in the bottom), all battle rounds and the battle overcome (in the top).

    Send you victory game saves to ot4e[at]mail.ru. Name your victory saves according to the template:
    N – the number of turn when you received the victory message,
    Nickname_from_Forum your Nickname and Civilization forum where you are registered. If you are registered at several forums, select the most preferrable to you, ex. Nickname_from_CFC.
    please, inсludе code ”NRGP1” to the subject of your letter.

    Download start save

    Russian thread

    Russian thread, auto-translated by Google
    Изображения Изображения
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    Король Аватар для Тактик


    How many English speakers do we have? Any one?
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    Вечером синим, вечером лунным. Был я когда-то красивым и юным..

    Дубиной туда, мечом сюда, мушкетом налево, ракетой направо
    хорошо погуляли вчера

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